Spanish green-glaze 'jarabarello', 17th century


M74 Completion Project - Exhibitions

PCA was involved through a joint venture with Headland Archaeology as HAPCA, with the M74 Completion Project in Glasgow. Two exhibitions took place at Scotland Street School Museum. These were 'Uncovering the Past' and 'Uncovering Industry'. These displayed the results of the archaeological investigations and oral history project associated with the M74 Completion Project focusing on the three main sites and using finds, museum objects, text, graphics and audio-visual material. The exhibitions aimed to involve community and other groups in interpreting material and developing the displays. It helped to introduce visitors to the methods and techniques involved in archaeology, and involved them in the history of the local area.

Southwark Cathedral Exhibition

PCA provided panels and posters for a short exhibition at Southwark Cathedral last year, based on prior excavations, many of which PCA was involved in.

Pirates of the East End Exhibition

PCA together with Sampson & Horne Antiques sponsored an exhibition in London displaying the archaeological finds from an excavation conducted by PCA at Narrow Street in the Ratcliff area of East London. The excavation uncovered the remains of properties and waste which belonged to a group of 17th century sea-captains, pirates and privateers. Finds included exotic ceramics, glass, and other objects, a significant proportion originating from the Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Iran and China.