17th century ceramic building tile depicting a museketeer firing


PCA prides itself in producing publications, which stand up to academic scrutiny as well as reports and Journal articles, which are accessible to a broad spectrum of people.
PCA is committed to publishing the results of excavation and we are currently involved in producing a new and exciting series of monographs. This series of books aims to present the reader with clear and comprehensive accounts of some of our large and important excavations, as well as groups of sites with common thematic or regional connections.

Latest Publications

Life in the Roman Frontier Zone

Exchange Station, Greengate, Salford

The history and archaeology of a transformed urban landscape. Price:: £5.00

PCA Monograph 20

PCA Monograph 20

A Quaker Burial Ground at North Shields. Excavations at Coach Lane, Tyne and Wear
Price: £20.00
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