Accredited Training Programme Elements

The programme contains elements vital for a career in archaeology:

  • Learning excavation techniques, data collection and recording methods
  • extensive health & safety training
  • PCA’s specialists will teach about finds and environmental data.
  • Trainees will be taught how to manage their own Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and will be helped with long-term Personal Development Plan.
  • We also aim to give you a good insight into various aspects of commercial archaeology, e.g. planning background, relations between clients, contractors and curators, professional ethics, etc.

The scheme is flexible and can accommodate trainees with varying educational backgrounds and experience. For example, trainees may have studied archaeology but had little or no opportunity to work in the field. Alternatively, trainees may not have an academic background in archaeology but would like to start a new career; all are welcome. With every new candidate we will prepare an individual training plan tailored to skills and experience.

The placements are offered depending on work volume. If you are interested in joining PCA as a trainee, please get in touch at