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University of Kent, Excavations and Survey at Ostia: 2008-2012. Final Report. ELECTRONIC RELEASES.

The Roman Roadside Settlement and Multi-Period Ritual Complex at Nettleton and Rothwell, Lincolnshire The Central Lincolnshire Wolds Research Project Volume 1

Steven Willis (with the University of Kent) - £25.00 + p&p

The unremarkable arable landscape around Mount Pleasant today belies the importance of the area in the past; at the highest point of the Lincolnshire Wolds and at the head of three radial valleys, this was a highly significant locality in earlier times, with Iron Age coins and contemporary miniatures suggesting the location of a shrine. Enclosures and trackways, revealed by geophysical survey, and stone-founded buildings suggested that the site was a nodal point in the landscape.

This volume collates the result of fifteen years of fieldwork, research and analysis by Dr Willis, supported by Lincolnshire County Council, on a small area of the Lincolnshire Wolds. The work on site included student training in fieldwork methods, assisted by the vital contribution of volunteers from the local community.