In-house Specialists

PCA employs many nationally or internationally renowned in-house specialists. Our team have a broad range of areas of expertise, including specialist on-site work. Many apply their detailed knowledge to contribute to the assessment of a site’s finds. See below to see how our specialists can help.

Barry Bishop – Widely respected prehistorian specialising in lithic technology and quaternary geoarchaeology.

Lynden Cooper – Lithic specialist. Research interests include the archaeology of Palaeolithic and Mesolithic hunter-gatherers in the British peninsula and NW Europe. He is also experienced in later prehistoric archaeology, lithic analysis, alluvial geoarchaeology and urban archaeology.

Karen Deighton – A zooarchaeologist with particular interests in bone assemblages from the Roman period and domesticated canines.

Duncan Field – A fully-qualified chain saw operative able to undertake timber sampling work on site.

Marit Gaimster – Specialises in post-Roman metal and small finds of all periods from across the country, covering the Anglo-Saxon period and through to later post-medieval times.

Eniko Hudak – A Roman pottery specialist with interests in Late Roman pottery supply and Romano-British mortaria.


Chris Jarrett – Renowned post-Roman pottery, glass and clay tobacco pipe specialist with a particular interest in post-medieval London finds assemblages.

James Langthorne – A field archaeologist and human bone specialist.

Kevin Rielly – Widely respected archaeozoologist with notable experience working with animal bone assemblages, in particular from London and the Home Counties.

Berni Sudds – Renowned pottery expert specialising in the post-Roman period; she also has detailed knowledge of ceramic building materials and plaster of all periods.

Guy Thompson – An historian specialising in post-medieval landscape history and the archaeology of post-medieval and modern industry and infrastructure.

Jane Wheeler – An environmental specialist, with an interest in archaeobotany and geoarchaeology.

Amparo Valcarcel – A ceramic building specialist with a particular interest in the Roman period who also specialises in Historic Building Recording.

John Shepherd – Glass specialist, especially glass of the Roman period, and Roman small finds.