Pre-Construct Archaeology provides nationwide heritage services to construction, development and other allied sectors. We are, during the Covid-19 crisis, endeavouring to fulfil our existing obligations and to reassure all that we will, where possible, take on and execute, new commissions.

However, and above all else, our highest priority is the health and well-being of our staff and those with whom they need to interact. This inevitably does in some circumstances have a direct impact on the provision of some services and so we trust that we will have the support and confidence of our clients in implementing them.

All our offices are currently operational. Office-based staff are, wherever possible, working from home, but with full access to their work files, emails and phones. This is not only true of Managers but also our Specialist, Administration and Technical teams. If a member of our staff continues to work from any of our office premises they do so following strict Health and Safety and hygiene protocols in accordance with the latest government guidance.

PCA continues to undertake fieldwork projects, but at all time taking the health and safety and the well-being of our field teams as being paramount. Learning to socially distance on a fieldwork project does not come naturally to staff who ordinarily work closely as a team, but all our staff understand that it is essential in current circumstances to do so. This is but one measure that is incorporated into all of our site Risk Assessments. These in themselves adhere to the ‘Site Operating Procedures’, developed by the Construction Leadership Council and are regularly reviewed and updated as necessary by our own Health and Safety Manager.

Staff commutes to site is challenging and new strategies have been adopted, including off-peak travel, lone driving to site, or where possible walking or cycling. However, there are some staff who for a number of reasons cannot go to site and we do respect this. It does mean, that we are currently working with a reduced workforce, and this may affect to some extent our ability to complete existing projects or to rapidly commence new ones.

Pre-Construct Archaeology appreciate that our clients and our suppliers are equally affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, but we trust that with us all implementing safe and appropriate measures we will continue to provide services that keeps the construction industry and the economy moving.