LAMAS Online Lecture

The next LAMAS online lecture is on Tuesday 13th April at 6.30pm when Joe Brooks will present the findings of Pre-Construct Archaeology’s work within the former Adrian Boult Music Centre at Westminster School, including extensive evidence of the monastic Great Kitchen of Westminster Abbey – see image below – and the later use of the site for dwellings.

You can sign up for this lecture via Eventbrite here and entering the Promo code 1855 for your free ticket (non-members pay £2.50). You will receive confirmation from Eventbrite of your booking and later the link to the lecture which is being given via a Zoom webinar, a little different to the usual Zoom meetings. When you join the webinar on the evening as an attendee you may be asked to sign in with your name and email address but don’t worry if you aren’t and go straight in. You will be muted and your video will also be off so that the only people you will see and hear are the hosts and the lecturer.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions of Joe which you can do by typing them into the Zoom Q&A or Chat boxes – all will be explained on the night.

Cholsey update

The excavations at Cholsey, Oxfordshire are truly a joint PCA effort with staff from the Cambridge, London and Warwick offices all working as one happy team to help discover the exciting Prehistoric past of the area.

This week’s example comes from one of our Cambridge archaeologists, Katie Ray, who was surprised by an unexpected discovery in one of her large Iron Age storage pits.

The bell shaped pit is currently thought to have been used to store grain, so it was a shock to find that a small dog had been buried in the base before the pit was deliberately backfilled. This is not the first time that something like this has been found, and many believe that these were votive offerings. It is yet another question that has arisen and we hope to answer as our works continue. We will bring you more news each week so please remember to check back here regularly.

Congratulations Gary!

We are delighted to announce that Gary Brown has been jointly awarded the 2019-20 Ralph Merrifield Award for his contribution to London’s archaeology. At the LAMAS Conference on Saturday, the Chairman, Harvey Sheldon made the award jointly to Gary and to Nick Bateman, who recently retired from MoLA, for the huge amount of work they have done.

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Archaeology is full of surprises!

A recent site in south Lincolnshire was known to be in an area of substantial Romano-British settlement; investigations nearby had identified Roman pottery kilns, iron furnaces and a small cemetery. So we were expecting to find Romano-British industrial and burial grounds peripheral to the main settlement areas.

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Thoughts of Mars

The new images of the Red Planet from NASA’s Perseverance rover bring to mind our discovery of a major temple complex at Tabard Square, Southwark, a site occupying an important strategic position on the approach road to Londinium from ports to the south-east.

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