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Housing Development

Whether you’re planning a small kitchen extension or a housing or industrial estate covering many hectares, PCA can help.

Archaeological assessments are conducted to determine whether there is any potential for significant archaeological remains on a site. If there is, excavations are undertaken to fully investigate the area to be developed. PCA works closely with developers and local planning authorities to ensure that the excavation is conducted in accordance with legal requirements.

The results of these excavations can have a significant impact on the development project. If remains are discovered, they may need to be preserved in situ or removed for analysis and preservation. This can add time and cost to the development process –  the key to managing this is to consider the implications that heritage can have as early as possible in the development process.  Our experienced Consultancy team offer support from the inception of a project to identify and manage heritage issues to inform project design and minimise cost.

Puckeridge, Hertfordshire

Coldean Lane, Brighton

Ashchurch, Gloucestershire

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