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Drone Survey

We provide aerial mapping & photographic/videographic services using UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System). This technology allows for additional and more detailed perspectives than ever before.

Our UAS services include:

  • Aerial topographic survey including accurately georeferenced digital elevation models (DEM)
  • Measurable and accurate georeferenced 3D models and point clouds
  • Orthographic maps
  • Contour maps
  • Multispectral imaging

These methodologies help our capable field teams to coordinate their excavation strategies, as well as assisting our Survey and Built Heritage teams to record features and structures in a cost effective and efficient manner.

We possess Operational Authorisation from the CAA to undertake UAS work in in a safe manner as well as all the relevant EC785/2004 compliant insurances. Our Drone Operator Ryan is experienced and fully qualified (GVC and A2 CofC).

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