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Pre-Planning Heritage Advice

The key to managing heritage risk is to consider the implications that heritage can have as early as possible in the development process.

The best time for this is often before a client has even purchased land earmarked for development or during master planning.

PCA recommends the early risk approach because it enables our clients to:

  • Gain a detailed understanding of a site’s heritage issues and implications
  • Reduce or even remove a site’s heritage risk – for example, through foundation redesign, thus avoiding areas of high potential
  • Make suitable provision for heritage risk in their budgets and programme
  • Maintain control of the programme and cost of heritage
  • Gain control over a site’s heritage issues and negotiate on an equal footing with the Local Planning Authority or their advisers

PCA is committed to guiding its clients from the early stages of the development process, through planning consent to the discharge of relevant planning conditions. We undertake all negotiation with the Archaeological Advisors to Local Authorities and national bodies such as Historic England and CADW on behalf of our clients, to ensure that our clients’ requirements are fairly represented.

Click here for useful links and selected national and regional heritage guidance.

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