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Surveying Services

PCA offers a wide range of measured survey and landscape investigation services. We are able to undertake fieldwork on monuments, sites and landscapes in both urban contexts and rural areas, using a range of traditional and technological techniques as appropriate to the accuracy, scale and final output with cost and efficiency in mind. We offer:

  • Topographical survey to provide a geographical context, aid understanding and interpretation of a site or its components’ location
  • Urban townscape assessment and recording
  • Parkland surveys to understand the development of the park and record earlier activity in the form of deserted settlements and agricultural vestiges
  • Large scale recording providing full detail and analysis of earthwork features
  • Archaeological survey of gardens to record extant and lost features and identify past phases in the garden’s development
  • Small scale recording and rapid assessments of large areas of landscape
  • Integration of features into their landscape, working together with the building recording and photography teams

The results can be provided as raw or processed data, as CAD drawings or as part of a GIS. Additional work may be carried out in the form of documentary research and map regression, in order to provide a full analysis and interpretation in the form of a report, which may lead to a publication.

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