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Historic Building Recording

PCA’s Historic Buildings and Conservation Team offers a range of integrated services to enable clients to develop and refurbish properties in the historic built environment efficiently and economically. Whether you’re the owner of a residential property or a large-scale developer, we can help. Our Historic Buildings team will allow you to plan ahead by undertaking a rapid appraisal of the level of work needed through a site visit and research. Historic Building Recording is often undertaken to satisfy planning conditions.

Historic building recording typically involves a detailed survey of the building, including the use of photographic and drawn documentation, architectural analysis, and historical research to document and record the architecture, history, and significance of buildings deemed to be of historical or cultural importance. This process is often carried out prior to any renovations or restoration work being undertaken on a building, as it can help to inform the design of the project and ensure that any changes made to the structure are sympathetic to its historical character. Recording of the structure of a building might also be accompanied by excavation, depending on the nature of a project.

Click below for examples of our Historic Building Recording work.

Flamsteed Turret Steps, HM Tower of London

Spring Grange, Hertfordshire

Former Downhills Central School, Haringey

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