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Our Accredited Training Programme

PCA is committed to encouraging an interest and participation in heritage within the wider community. We run a range of initiatives which help people of all ages and abilities to get involved and learn more about our fantastic heritage. This includes free events, lectures, talks, exhibitions, open-days on major archaeological excavations and the opportunity to partake in voluntary work.

For those who are about to start their careers in archaeology PCA’s London office offers a work-based training opportunity: our training programme accredited by the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists.

We have designed the scheme to address shortage of qualified field staff on the market. We can provide graduates and non-graduates with the skills to become competent and recognised field archaeologists.

The programme follows CIfA requirements and is linked to the National Occupational Standards. Its goal is to achieve competence for Practitioner grade of CIfA membership by the trainee and to build up a solid base for their professional development. As the scheme is a work-based, it also gives the opportunity of being in employment with the prospect of being offered an archaeological position once the training is complete.

We are not currently accepting trainees.

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