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Polebrook school visit

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Sian O’Neill’s recent talk to a group of Reception and Year 1 kids was a big hit!

Sian came to visit us at Polebrook school as the ‘Fabulous Finish’ to our History learning. She was brilliant!

Sian was exciting, engaging and passionate about archaeology. The children loved finding out about Polebrook in the past and the powerpoint was full of great images that really helped them to understand the different stages in history. The children were delighted to touch and hold real life artifacts and order them- This was just magical to watch!

The whole session was perfectly aimed at KS1 children, and we just can’t thank Sian enough for the opportunity to learn from a real-life archaeologist. Thank you so much for taking the time to come and visit! 

 Jessica McIntosh, teacher

Offensive Industries: Preliminary results from Jubilee House, Stratford

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Harry Platts will be speaking to West Essex Archaeological Group (WEAG) on the preliminary results and findings from our late medieval industrial site at Jubilee House, Stratford. Harry’s talk will be tonight, at 8pm, at Woodford County High School for Girls. There is parking in the school site, or it is about 15 mins walk from Woodford tube station.

Our excavations at this site unveiled a series of timber revetments along the riverbanks, with two docks cut through them for boat landings.

The accumulation of debris behind these revetments provided evidence of a long history of demolished buildings. Additionally, we identified contemporary and later industrial activities, including tanning pits and lime mixing pits. Some of these pits contained organic remains, such as fragments of decorated leather, offering a vivid connection to the past.

Harry will discuss our intriguing findings that included a significant number of animal bones, suggesting on-site butchering and the use of skins and horns in the manufacturing of various goods.

If you’re in striking distance, we’d love to see you there!

CWR Volunteering in 2024

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We’re extending the opportunity for volunteers to participate in the processing of finds from our ongoing excavations at the Central Winchester Regeneration site into the New Year.

From 10th January until 22nd February, on Wednesdays and Thursdays, volunteers will be welcome at PCA’s Winchester office to wash the artefacts; we still have plenty coming out of the ground!

Once booking has been made, you will receive an email to the address used in the booking, which will include detailed instructions on location, timings, etc.  


We’ve had a lot of lovely feedback from those who’ve attended so far, most recently from Tina who sent this photo and said:

Just wanted to say thank you for an enjoyable and educational couple of days finds processing.

I cleaned a lovely piece of Samian ware which seems remarkably similar to a piece in the Winchester City museum which I went round before going home.

Southwark Heritage Trail

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Join us for an immersive heritage walk through the archaeological sites and historical landmarks of Southwark on Saturday 2nd December at 11am.

Explore the rich history of the area around our site at Avonmouth House, where Roman roads, mausoleums, temples and Tudor remains intertwine with post-medieval cattle burials, medieval inns and prisons!

The walk will begin at Avonmouth House, Avonmouth Road SE1 6NX at 11am and is expected to last 2-3 hours.

Milton Keynes Archaeology Day

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Mark and Conor provided an update on the amazing archaeology revealed by PCA’s recent work at Milton Keynes to a full house of over 100 delegates at the Central Library on Saturday.

Mark and Conor received glowing praise from the organiser who said the event was:

‘a very successful day all round. An audience of 110 for the talks (the biggest crowd since we started the event in 2007) which were all well-presented and well received with plenty of questions. Many thanks Mark and Conor for attending (and helping with chairs!) and also Judy for providing an excellent script’

Clockwise from top left: Mark and Connor’s presentation; an early Bronze Age barrow monument; a late Iron Age cremation cemetery; excavation of an early Roman log ladder found in a watering hole at a Roman farmstead; aerial photo of a middle to late Iron Age settlement consisting of 80 roundhouses with evidence of continuous human occupation from c. 350BC until at least 1st or 2nd century.

Jubilee House Open Day

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The Open Day at Jubilee House, Stratford, was a huge success. Visitors crowded in to explore the exciting, intense riverside and industrial activity revealed by our excavations here. With a series of revetments and docks, along with evidence for a long history of demolished buildings, contemporary and later industrial activity and a plethora of finds, there was plenty to discover!

Open Day at Jubilee House, Stratford

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Join us for an Archaeological Open Day this Saturday, from 10am-3pm, at Jubilee House, Stratford, to discover both intense riverside and industrial activity dating from the medieval to post-medieval periods. Our excavations here have revealed a series of timber revetments lining the riverbanks and two docks cut through them for landing boats. The rubbish used to build up the riverbanks behind the revetments includes the evidence for a long history of demolished buildings. Contemporary and later industrial activity was seen in the form of tanning pits and lime mixing pits, some of which contained organic remains, such as fragments of decorated leather, evoking a vivid connection to the past. The large numbers of animal bones point to animals being butchered on site and skins and horns used for manufacturing a wide range of goods. Mark your calendars and get ready to step back in time with us; it’s a journey through history you won’t want to miss! See you there!

Feel the Magnetic pull of Archaeology at our Open Day!

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Experience the thrill of discovery firsthand tomorrow at our Central Winchester Regeneration site Open Day – turn up anytime between 10am-4.30pm to see some of the artefacts revealed so far and tour the trenches. There will also be hands-on interactive activities for children in Abbey Gardens.

?️ Save the Date: Saturday 2 September

? Location: PCA gazebo in Abbey Gardens, Winchester

Hadrian’s Wall – Turret 3a

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Scott Vance spoke about our thrilling discovery of Turret 3a to a full house at the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne, as one of their monthly members’ lectures.

Turret 3a is the first turret to be found in almost 40 years; excitingly this also means there may be more of the wall yet to be discovered in urban Tyneside.

Work Experience

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This summer we had the pleasure of hosting, James, a Year 12 student from Epsom, Surrey, for a week of work experience at our London office. James said he felt warmly welcomed by the team and had a great time. He loved that he was undertaking “hands on” work and found it really interesting and he particularly enjoyed learning from the timber specialist. James is hoping to study a course at University that includes an element of archaeology and is also hoping he can return for another placement at PCA next summer.

Thanks for spending the week with us, James, and thanks for the positive feedback. Reaching out to young people like you is one of PCA’s key objectives and we look forward to giving many others the opportunity to learn about and enjoy archaeology.

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