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Rewilding and Renewables Projects

Rewilding and renewables projects are an excellent opportunity for PCA to promote sustainable and environmentally conscious practices while also documenting and preserving heritage sites.

Rewilding projects are increasingly undertaken by contractors to help mitigate damage to the environment caused by construction schemes. PCA is more than happy to help with this approach to conservation; as well as the numerous benefits to the environment, such projects provide us with new opportunities to study and excavate sites that have been previously inaccessible or have remained undisturbed for centuries, leading to fascinating discoveries. By working on large-scale renewable energy projects, we help reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable energy practices; these projects have lead to some exciting finds on sites which sometimes cover many hectares.

Click below for further details of some of our rewilding and renewables projects.

Wangford Warren, Suffolk

Hockwold Heath, Norfolk

Solar Farm, County Durham

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