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In-House Specialists

Our skilled and diverse team of in-house specialists are at the heart of the services we provide. We employ many nationally, or internationally, renowned experts with a broad range knowledge, including specialist on-site work. 

Barry Bishop Widely respected prehistorian specialising in lithic technology and quaternary geoarchaeology.

Lynden Cooper Lithic specialist, experienced in later prehistoric archaeology, lithic analysis, alluvial geoarchaeology and urban archaeology.

Karen Deighton A zooarchaeologist with particular interests in bone assemblages from the Roman period and domesticated canines.

Marit Gaimster Specialises in post-Roman metal and small finds of all periods from across the country, covering the Anglo-Saxon period and through to later post-medieval times.

Eniko Hudak A Roman pottery specialist with interests in Late Roman pottery supply and Romano-British mortaria.

Petra Ivanova An osteologist with a keen interest in emerging scientific methodologies for interpreting human remains.

Chris Jarrett Renowned post-Roman pottery, glass and clay tobacco pipe specialist with a particular interest in post-medieval London finds assemblages.

James Langthorne A field archaeologist and human bone specialist.

Kevin Rielly Widely respected archaeozoologist with notable experience working with animal bone assemblages, in particular from London and the Home Counties.

John Shepherd Glass specialist, especially glass of the Roman period, and Roman small finds.

Berni Sudds Renowned pottery expert specialising in the post-Roman period; she also has detailed knowledge of ceramic building materials and plaster of all periods.

Guy Thompson An historian specialising in post-medieval landscape history and the archaeology of post-medieval and modern industry and infrastructure.

Amparo Valcarcel A ceramic building specialist with a particular interest in the Roman period who also specialises in Historic Building Recording.

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