Iwade (free download)

Occupation of a North Kent village from the Mesolithic to the Medieval period

Barry Bishop and Mark Bagwell, 2005.

PCA Monograph 3

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ISBN 0-954293827


The village of Iwade lies close to the north Kent coast, not far from the Isle of Sheppey. This report publishes findings from excavations carried out to the south of the village, successfully combining information on archaeological features and artefacts with environmental and landscape evidence, and more general discussion of the economy, social organization and physical location of human activity. Although this is the story of Iwade from the Mesolithic to the medieval period, the late Bronze Age, late Iron Age and medieval periods are highlighted as important episodes in the history of the site where a prosperous pastoral community benefited from Iwade’s excellent location, with good communications to the coast and greater Thames estuary. Finally, evidence from Iwade is placed within the context of other archaeological investigations in north Kent. Summaries in French and German.

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