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Thameslink and London Bridge Infrastructure Upgrade

PCA and Oxford Archaeology (OAPCA) were commissioned to undertake  the Thameslink and London Bridge Station infrastructure upgrade as a joint venture. The project included the construction of a new viaduct through Borough Market, across Borough High Street and through to the rebuilt London Bridge Station.

Archaeological investigations were undertaken through up to 6m of deposits in sometimes challenging circumstances, such as the photographic recording of the arches under London Bridge Station at night and excavation in basements and subterranean chambers, but were conducted to the highest standards keeping ahead of and not delaying construction.

After the completion of the fieldwork, OAPCA carried out post-excavation assessments on all the projects and are working on the production of a four monograph series, the first two of which have been published. Some of the most important discoveries were the remains of medieval St Thomas’ Hospital and a previously unknown Roman bathhouse. Sitting at a prime location in Roman Southwark, and on the route leading across the contemporary bridge to Londinium, was the remains of a high status Roman building. A tiled circular pool room and at least three other rooms were identified and recorded. Aboveground remains of this Roman building were later incorporated into the medieval structure of St Thomas’ Hospital. The Roman bathhouse has now become a Scheduled Monument and has been preserved in situ beneath the development.

The Thameslink Monograph series is available here.

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