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Katie Mountain from PCA Durham will be giving a talk on 19 March, along with her co-editor Marta Alberti (Vindolanda Trust), on their forthcoming publication on managing Hadrian’s Wall as a cultural resource in 2022. The publication will be out in the next few months – both in print and Open Access.

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Prehistory in Plumstead

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Our excavations in Plumstead are ongoing, with our search for the palaoechannel known from an adjacent site, and potential Neolithic trackways, continuing. This flint came out of the base of the peat sequence just above the interface with the blue/grey Lower Alluvium at the bottom of the section photograph (below). It’s a decortication flake struck from a large alluvial cobble, but they are pretty similar throughout prehistory so we can’t say it’s Neolithic for sure!

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Roman sheep skeletons: an update

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The sheep skeletons we found recently, at a Roman settlement-edge site in the Fens in Cambridgeshire, have been cleaned and lifted with the help of Kevin Rielly, PCA’s animal bone specialist. The first count of MNI’s (minimum number of individuals) on site was up to 25 individuals. The skeletons were all females of various ages plus one ram, so we are definitely dealing with a whole flock that was disposed of.

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