Cholsey – the final update

One of the many red kites who kept watch on our work.

The archaeological investigations at Cholsey have finally come to an end and our multi-office team have returned to their London, Cambridge, Newark and Warwick offices to enjoy their next adventure. As we mentioned previously, this is not where PCA and Cholsey part ways as we now embark on the more academic aspects of our work: putting together what we have learnt and placing this information into the public sphere to aid future research. Bellway Homes Limited have kindly provided a budget to allow us to assess and analyse the many soil samples, pottery fragments, bone, worked flint and other finds we recovered as well as the countless folders of paperwork, drawings, plans and photographs a project this size produces. Next, working closely with the Local Authority archaeological advisor and the regions research framework, we will put together evidence that helps further the knowledge of Bronze Age activity in this area. It has already been noted how the Bronze Age field systems over much of the Thames valley surrounding Wallingford are placed on an identical alignment, showing a single governing body in the area. Likewise the relatively large assemblage of animal bone and crop waste will allow us to gain a better understanding of diet and these, along with the pottery assemblages will help us gain a handle on trade routes during this period.

So although it is good bye to the site and we will miss the Red Kites and helicopters, this is the start of a new and exciting adventure that PCA hopes will further our collective knowledge.

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