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The 2021 Autumn Roman Finds Group Conference

By 27/09/2021November 28th, 2022News

The title of this year’s Autumn Roman Finds Group Conference, held in association with King’s College London, is Roman Finds from Infrastructure Projects. The conference be online, and will consist of illustrated papers (some pre-recorded and some live) on Monday 18th October.

There will be three talks on PCA sites: firstly Berni Sudds will be giving a talk on ‘The Roman bath house in Southwark‘ found during the Thameslink excavations. During the course of excavations along the route of the Thameslink infrastructure project, a number of interesting findings were made, but undoubtedly one of the most significant of these was the discovery of a substantial Romano-British bath-house. Was this Southwark’s long anticipated municipal public bath-house, a military or commercial facility, or perhaps part of a larger complex of religious or civic function? The remains were determined to be of national importance and were scheduled in 2015. Whilst the excavations provided the opportunity to discover more about the north island of Roman Southwark, the process was not without challenges due to the small-scale nature of the interventions, and in the case of the bath-house, preservation in situ.

Following Berni’s talk, James Gerrard will be giving a live presentation titled ‘Seal boxes and other small things in Southwark: the Roman finds from Thameslink‘.

One of the two Roman seal boxes from Thameslink, traditionally seen as a means of securing the seals on letters, but more recently argued to be for securing bags of money.

This will be followed by another talk by James on our excavations ahead of the Bedale bypass in North Yorkshire ‘Late Iron Age and Roman Finds from the A684 Bedale By-pass’.

To see our highly illustrated booklet ‘Before Bedale’, click here.

To book your tickets for the conference, click here. It will be open access so there’s no charge but you must pre-book.

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