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Worked flints at Cholsey

By 15/04/2021July 5th, 2021Excavations at Cholsey, News

As we mentioned in our first update, a cache of worked flints was discovered in one of the small pits that dot the excavation site in Cholsey, Oxfordshire. This was excavated by Sean Rice from our Warwick office. In amongst the more general cache were four lovely scrapers, two of which you can see here, but by far the star of the show is this lovely leaf shaped arrowhead. These delicate tools are frequently found broken but it is rare to find one in such lovely condition, so well done Sean.

Obviously, as with much of what we have found so far, we are left with as many questions as answers. Is this flint cache a one-off or can we expect more? Why were such tools buried rather than used? Are we looking at the waste material from knapping where a few of the finished items became mixed and discarded or were these deliberately deposited? We hope to answer these and many more questions in the coming weeks and months. We will have more news and updates for you next week so we hope to see you back with us then!

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