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Offensive Industries: Preliminary results from Jubilee House, Stratford

By 08/01/2024News, Outreach

Harry Platts will be speaking to West Essex Archaeological Group (WEAG) on the preliminary results and findings from our late medieval industrial site at Jubilee House, Stratford. Harry’s talk will be tonight, at 8pm, at Woodford County High School for Girls. There is parking in the school site, or it is about 15 mins walk from Woodford tube station.

Our excavations at this site unveiled a series of timber revetments along the riverbanks, with two docks cut through them for boat landings.

The accumulation of debris behind these revetments provided evidence of a long history of demolished buildings. Additionally, we identified contemporary and later industrial activities, including tanning pits and lime mixing pits. Some of these pits contained organic remains, such as fragments of decorated leather, offering a vivid connection to the past.

Harry will discuss our intriguing findings that included a significant number of animal bones, suggesting on-site butchering and the use of skins and horns in the manufacturing of various goods.

If you’re in striking distance, we’d love to see you there!

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