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Arbor City Hotel Aldgate ‘find of the week’

By 20/05/2022February 17th, 2023Arbor City Hotel, News

Green glazed pottery is among the most important (and frequently encountered) finds from medieval/early post medieval sites in London. This is because detailed knowledge of variations in pottery over time make it an extremely valuable dating tool!

This beautiful example of a Surrey-Hampshire border whiteware dish is no. 14 in our ‘find of the week’ series from McAleer & Rushe’s site at Arbor City Hotel. Our specialist has dated it to the late 16th-century based on the mottled glaze and the thickening on the underside of the flat rim. 

The post-medieval Surrey-Hampshire border-ware industry developed from the medieval Surrey whiteware potting tradition. During these periods there were potteries making such wares at several locations on the borders of both counties. Both red- and whiteware were made in the post-medieval period, with finer wares produced before c. 1550 and sandier wares after that date. Whiteware continued to be made up to c. 1700, with chamber pots and a few other forms still in production for 50 more years, while redware continued to be manufactured into the early 20th century. 

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