Fish Sauce at the Roman Table- SGRP Guest lecture

By 10/06/2021June 28th, 2021News

An evening of Roman cooking with food historian and chef Sally Grainger – Wednesday June 23rd at 6pm

As part of their 50th Anniversary celebrations, the Study Group for Roman Pottery welcomes Sally Grainger for a linked lecture on her latest research into the nature of the various forms of ancient fish sauces – garum, liquamen, muria, and allec – which were consumed in all levels of Roman society.

Sally is a Roman food historian and chef (BA Ancient history University of London, MA Archaeology Reading university). She works with archaeologists and historians reconstructing ancient cooking and dining practices. Her published works include The Classical cook Book, British museum Press, ‘Cooking Apicius’ and ‘Apicius:’ a critical edition, Prospect Books 2006. She has worked with universities and museum around the world in reconstructing ancient banquets including the British Museum; The Getty Villa, Los Angeles; The museum of London and The Ashmolean. She is currently working on her book The Story of Garum: fermented fish sauce and salted fish in the ancient world with Routledge due out in 2021.

Evidence suggests that certain forms of ceramic cups were associated with these sauces. To test this hypothesis, samian vessels from the Thameslink excavations in Southwark, London, carried out by PCA and Oxford Archaeology, were subjected to residue and use-wear pattern analysis. Her paper, co-authored with Edward Biddulph (Oxford Archaeology), will be published in Grana, L., Ivleva, T., and Griffiths, B. (forthcoming 2022) The Bloomsbury Handbook of Experimental Approaches to Roman Archaeology, Bloomsbury Publishing, London.

The Study Group for Roman Pottery conference will be held the following week, on the 2-3 July 2021

If you haven’t already booked your ticket for the conference, you can do it here!