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Kickstart Scheme

By 29/11/2022February 17th, 2023News, Outreach

Kickstart is a scheme implemented by the UK government to help create jobs for young people from the ages of 16-24. Historic England approached us with the scheme and with their assistance, we searched for potential applicants. We employed Lidia Kones via the scheme, who turned out to be such a helpful, quick learner, we offered her a role in the admin side of things for the London office, once the scheme had ended.

My time in Pre-Construct Archaeology has been one of the best experiences in my career. I joined the company as part of ‘Kickstart’. The programme offered six months working experience for young people. The first six months I was working in different departments of the company. The idea behind that, was that by doing that I would be able to gain knowledge about the company, what they do, and how the company runs. When the ‘Kickstart’ programme ended, PCA offered me a permanent part-time position. During this period, I was finishing my degree, therefore, I could not work full time. Throughout my studies, PCA offered me flexibility, as I needed to change my working days and hours.

Working with Pre-Construct Archaeology for the past 17 months allowed me to improve and gain new skills, as well as learning amazing facts about archaeology. Furthermore, the working experience that PCA offered me has enhanced my determination, and prioritisation abilities. Besides that, I had the opportunity to work with incredible and talented colleagues and managers.

Lidia Kones, London Office, PCA

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