Lucy Cavendish College Update

By 28/06/2021July 5th, 2021News

Conservation is now complete on the exciting Roman metal vessel we found during excavations at Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge. The initial X-ray showed a solid vessel with an area of corrosion at the rim. Once the surfaces were carefully cleaned, this was revealed to be a very fragile broken iron loop handle.

The vessel also transpired to have had a coating of bronze or other copper alloy applied to the outside. Now that it’s cleaned up it looks rather too fine to just be a cooking pot, as we’d initially thought.  However, whatever its original function, it appears to have ended up being dumped in a pit alongside an assortment of other Roman domestic ‘rubbish’.  There was no obvious evidence for deliberate placement or it being some kind of ritual deposit.

During conservation, mineralised wood remains and other organics preserved by the iron corrosion were found. These will now be subject to further analysis along with the soil micro-excavated from the interior.

Thanks to Drakon Heritage and Conservation for the wonderful conservation work, and for the video below!