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Post-box incendiarism is a far cry from archaeology…

By 31/01/2022February 7th, 2023News, Published Articles

… but our environmental specialist, Jane Wheeler, is one of the winners of the British Association for Local History Research and Publication Awards for 2022!

Her article ‘The mouse that got away: An act of militant activism during the Votes for Women campaign, Bradford 1913’, published in The Bradford Antiquary (Bradford Historical and Antiquarian Society, no.82 (2021) 18-29), investigates the treatment of arrested suffragettes within the Criminal Justice System in 1913 Bradford.

Jane’s original discipline was history before she shifted to archaeological and environmental science, and she has maintained an interest in historical and local history research. She’s published her grandfather-in-law’s letters home during the First World War, and a number of papers in local history journals.

Jane joined PCA a year ago, and since then has been involved in a range of environmental work on a number of projects across the country. Jane’s area of expertise focuses on microfossil (sub-fossil pollen, non-pollen palynomorphs, microcharcoal, testate amoebae, palaeopollutant and geochemical tracers), and subsidiary macrofossil analyses – with a specialist background in the analysis of wood and archaeological charcoal. She also has extensive fieldwork experience in excavation and environmental sampling which has been geared towards lithostratigraphic and biostratigraphic survey in relation to palaeoenvironmental impacts and climatic change through time. She has previous post-doctoral research associations with environmental, geosciences, and archaeological and anthropological departments with the Universities of Leeds, Aberdeen, Bradford, and Santa Catrina (Brazil), and also has experience working for commercial units as both a field archaeologist and as a palynologist, and as a forensic archaeologist with the ICRVR, having also undertaken a number of forensic investigatory projects for national police services.

The award certificate will be presented at the BALH Local History Day, to be held on Saturday 11th June 2022 in London. Congratulations Jane!

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