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Recent Archaeological Excavations at Pirton – a lecture by Mark Hinman

By 18/02/2022November 25th, 2022News

Mark will be giving an online talk to the Combined Hertfordshire Archaeological Societies on March 7th.

The principal result of the excavation was the identification of part of a Saxon settlement. Ten post-built buildings, two water holes and several pits were dateable to the Early-Middle Saxon period. During the Middle-Late Saxon period the settlement layout becomes more regular and organised. This is evidenced by the regularly spaced and aligned waterholes and later by the construction of a large post and beamslot built building. Further isolated postholes and beamslots illustrate that further structures were once present but have not survived in their entirety due to modern ploughing.

The Saxon settlement is significant because at the time of writing there is a relative dearth of identified Saxon settlements in Hertfordshire. This site adds to the known archaeological landscape of Pirton and is to date some of the earliest evidence of Saxon settlement activity in the village.

The event is free but registration is required.