PCA Monographs


PCA has published a wide range of monographs detailing the findings of some of the most complex and fascinating projects that we have been involved with. Recent monographs are available to purchase here, whilst some of our older monographs are free to download.

Elite residence to manufacturing centre

Excavations at Price’s Candle Factory, Regent and Grove Wharves and Bridges Wharf, Battersea

By Alistair Douglas, Berni Sudds, Märit Gaimster, Frank Meddens, 2019

PCA Monograph 22 – £15 + p&p

Parterres Bright with Flowers, Alnwick Castle Gardens

A history of the walled gardens at Alnwick Castle as revealed though excavations and standing building survey

By Victoria Ridgeway and Jennifer Proctor, 2019

PCA Monograph 21 – £28 + p&p

A Quaker Burial Ground at North Shields

Excavations at Coach Lane, Tyne and Wear

By Jennifer Proctor, Märit Gaimster and James Young Langthorne, 2016

PCA Monograph 20 – £20 + p&p

An Immense and Exceedingly Commodious Goods Station

The Archaeology and History of the Great Northern Railway’s Goods Yard at King’s Cross, 1849 to the Present Day

By Rebecca Haslam and Guy Thompson, 2016

PCA Monograph 19 – £30 + p&p

Temples and Suburbs

Excavations at Tabard Square, Southwark

By Douglas Killock, John Shepherd, James Gerrard, Kevin Hayward, Kevin Rielly and Victoria Ridgeway, 2015

PCA Monograph 18 – £28 + p&p

Roman Burials in Southwark

Excavations at 52–56 Lant Street and 56 Southwark Bridge Road

By Victoria Ridgeway, Kathelen Leary and Berni Sudds, 2013

PCA Monograph 17 – £15 + p&p

Friars, Quakers, Industry and Urbanisation

The Archaeology of the Broadmead Expansion Project, Bristol

Edited by Victoria Ridgeway and Martin Watts, 2013

PCA Monograph 16 – £30 + p&p

Faverdale, Darlington

Excavations at a major settlement in the northern frontier zone of Roman Britain

By Jennifer Proctor, 2012

PCA Monograph 15 – £20 + p&p

Roman Archaeology in the Upper Reaches of the Walbrook Valley

Excavations at 6–8 Tokenhouse Yard, London EC2

By Jim Leary and Jonathan Butler, 2012

PCA Monograph 14 – £10 + p&p

Settlement, Ceremony and Industry on Mousehold Heath

Excavations at Laurel Farm (Phase II), Broadland  Business Park, Thorpe St Andrew, Norfolk  

By Barry Bishop and Jennifer Proctor, 2011

PCA Monograph 13 – £10 + p&p

A Roman Settlement and Bath House at Shadwell

Excavations at Tobacco Dock and Babe Ruth restaurant, The Highway, London

By Alistair Douglas, James Gerrard and Berni Sudds, 2011

PCA Monograph 12 – £15 + p&p

Pegswood Moor, Morpeth

A Later Iron Age and Romano-British farmstead settlement

By Jennifer Proctor, 2009

PCA Monograph 11 – £10 + p&p

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The Sea and the Marsh

The Medieval Cinque Port of New Romney revealed through archaeological excavations and historical research

By Gillian Draper and Frank Meddens, 2009

PCA Monograph 10 – £10 + p&p

On the Boundaries of Occupation

Excavations at Scunthorpe and Bottesford, North Lincolnshire  

By Peter Boyer, Jennifer Proctor and Robin Taylor-Wilson, 2009

PCA Monograph 9 – £10 + p&p

A New Millennium at Southwark Cathedral

Investigations into the first two thousand years

By David Divers, Chris Mayo, Nathalie Cohen and Chris Jarrett, 2009

PCA Monograph 8

free download

From Temples to Thames Street

Archaeological excavations at the Salvation Army International Headquarters

By Timothy Bradley and Jonathan Butler, 2008

PCA Monograph 7


Reclaiming the Marsh

Archaeological excavations at Moor House, City of London

By Jonathan Butler, 2006

PCA Monograph 6


Saxons, Templars & Lawyers in the Inner Temple

Archaeological excavations in Church Court and Hare Court  

By Jonathan Butler, 2005

PCA Monograph 4



Occupation of a North Kent village from the Mesolithic to the Medieval period

By Barry Bishop and Mark Bagwell

PCA Monograph 3

free download

Tatberht’s Lundenwic

Archaeological excavations in Middle Saxon London

By Jim Leary with Gary Brown, James Rackham, Chris Pickard and Richard Hughes, 2004

PCA Monograph 2


Excavations at Hunt’s House

Guy’s Hospital, Southwark

By Robin Taylor-Wilson, 2002

PCA Monograph 1